Finalized Topic and Information

My question that I will be researching for my final paper is going to be: How are the causes of celebrity suicide different from that of everyday suicide among people? Are there any patterns?

I would like to take an inside look at why people commit suicide and then compare them to suicides among celebrities and why they tend to be more common.

First I would like to briefly discuss an article I read on celebrity suicide. Celebrities all of their life are constantly in the spotlight almost as if they can never escape. This article brings up the point that they are judged on just about everything they do because they are constantly being followed and exposed to the public in ways that others aren’t. This causes them to become dependent on the opinions of people they don’t even know and have probably never meant. It makes them lose any sense of themselves and they are  so far away from ever finding who they were before the fan again that it drives them to insanity.

There are really a number of reasons why they can possible think to rid of their existence but looking at the logic behind it, it is so much more different than an average humans. A lot of everyday’s innocent suicides are due to feeling they will never amount towards anything or they just can’t seem to provide for themselves anymore. Celebrity suicide takes on a whole new meaning to the topic because it is so different. For example, the article brings up Marilyn Monroe and her suicide. Apparently she never was able to do anything without being in the spotlight anymore and the only way to have any sense of privacy was to kill herself. It’s so interesting to me how some people beg for the spotlight when in the end it ends up being the downfall of them.

All in all, for my paper I would like to look at what causes celebrities to want to die. We look up to them and figure that they have it all and wonder what could there possibly be to drive them to such a point. Not to mention, they all tend to leave behind some sort of an interesting legacy and a very intense suicide note. To sum it up, my curiosity and my own thoughts will be very prominent throughout the paper.


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